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Hidden Chains: the Slavery Business and North East England 1600-1870
By John Charlton
We don't always associate this part of Great Britain with the slave trade, but John Charlton's new book, Hidden Chains tells the compelling and previously untold story of the involvement of the region with that unpleasant yet lucrative business. From poor migrants seeking fortunes in the New World to ambitious plantation owners, and from sailors working the slave ships to returning entrepreneurs bringing their wealth back home, North Easterners were intimately connected with the production of tobacco, sugar and rum in the Caribbean and North America. The privileged certainly enjoyed the riches that could be the result. The story of the North East's vital role in the Abolition of Slavery movement is also explored in detail. Hidden Chains grew out of 2007's Remembering Slavery Project which commemorated the end of Britain's involvement in the slave trade and is published in association with Tyne and Wear Museums.

'John Charlton's account is pioneering and revealing: a bold ststement of new findings and a call fro futher investigation into the links between North East England and the world of Atlantic slavery.' (James Walvin, author of 'Black Ivory')

'Where this account excels is in the teasing out of disparate areas of commerce... the book is particularly good at revealing the hidden chains of "silence and politeness" which "enabled abolitionists and slavers to live and socialise alongside each other" in Newcastle as they did in London and Liverpool.' (SI Martin in Museums Journal, June 2009)

'... illustrates not just the power of local history, and the research into people that sustains it, but also what an important contribution this can make to a broader global picture.' (John McAleer, Curator of 18th Century Imperial and Maritime History at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich)
978 185795 123 3