How much do decorators charge?

Asking how much decorators charge is pretty much like asking how long is a piece of string. The amount that they will charge can vary depending on a huge range of factors including their qualifications and experience, the area that you reside in as well as the size of the project. Painters and decorators can also charge on either a per project basis or on an hourly rate. It can be a little confusing when it comes to finding out how much decorators charge, that’s why we recommend getting several decorator costs to make sure that you get a price that you are happy with. In the meantime, this article will serve as a general overview as to how much decorators will charge for their services.

Type of Job

One of the main factors that will affect how much someone will charge is the type of job that needs doing. Something simple like painting a plain wall will typically cost much less than a larger project such as painting the exterior of a house. To wallpaper a medium size room (a job that takes 2-3days) can cost anywhere between £255 and £440. For a large exterior paint job that requires scaffolding (and takes between 2 and 4 days) you can expect to pay anywhere between £435 and £885. For a simple job such as glossing some woodwork that is in good condition then you may have to fork out between £100 and £180. If you need to have artex removed from a ceiling, and then have the ceilings plastered and repainted, it would cost between £350 and £550 depending on the room size.

Rates Based on Areas

Of course, these figures are just rough, and the exact amount you will pay can also depend on the amount of experience that a painter and decorator has as well as where you live. Decorators that offer their services in London will typically have much higher rates in comparison to those offering services in Northern cities and towns.

Per Hour or Per Project?

When it comes to booking a decorator, some will offer their services on a per hour rate which typically varies between £10 and £30 per hour. Most painters and decorators prefer to work on a per project price. A per project basis allows you to have more of an indication as to how much the entire project will cost to complete – although sometimes it can go over the allotted time and a decorator will ask for additional payments. Communication is key when it comes to getting quotes from your painters and decorators, and it’s a good idea to have something in writing (even on a email), so that you can refer back to it if need be.

Remember, cheaper doesn’t mean better, so you should always take into consideration the quality of the work that will be done when it comes to choosing your decorator. A cheap estimate may be tempting in the short term, but it will only be wasted money if the decorator leaves you with a shoddy job. Luckily, when you choose one of the recommended decorators on our platform, you know they are qualified and able to provide you with a reliable service and finish. Good luck in your search.


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